Patented by Boeing Aerospace Boelube® is a specially formulated drilling lubricant. Use on drill bits, reamers, saw blades, taps & dies and any other application where smooth cutting action is required. Boelube superior lubrication will greatly improve tool life, surface finish, and hole quality. Boelube is non-toxic and does not leave any undesirable residue.

* 1.6oz/45 grams pushup stick for convenient application. 
* For use on aluminium, titanium, Inconel, Stainless steel, Graphite, composites, Kevlar, and Wood.
* Can also be used with other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 
* Non-irritating and biodegradable.
* Non-corrosive, non-flammable, chemically stable and free of halogens, heavy metals, sulphur, phosphorous, silicone, petroleum and paraffin wax. 0.5Kg shipping weight.

BOELUBE par Boeing Aerospace

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